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My mom's friend surprised her with a stork in our front yard when I was born and I've had such fun looking at the photos made from that day! The tradition continued with my brother when he came along. I'm now a mom of two who welcomed home my precious bundles with signs from my parents! Both my boys still have their attachments hanging in their bedrooms. When my youngest came home from the hospital, big brother was thrilled to have a fun star in the yard with his name on it! Our neighbors loved getting in on the excitement, too! Photos of both boys with their stork signs are fondly displayed in my home and remain some of our favorites! The arrival of a new baby is the most exciting and special time for parents. I love that they can look forward to a sweet homecoming announcing their new arrival. Bashful Stork is here to make memories and photos that will last forever for new parents! Let Bashful Stork be the best debut after you are due!

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